Image description: Audit Office employee

Career development

The Audit Office provides excellent professional development opportunities. Ongoing formal and informal training will complement your on-the-job learning.

For those completing professional accounting qualifications, we will support you in your studies by providing you with a mentor, study and exam leave and reimbursement of fees. We understand how gruelling work and study can be and we are committed to helping you make the most of your time, delivering on-the-job experience and knowledge that directly supports your pursuit of a professional accounting qualification.

We also support relevant tertiary studies, including a wide array of post-graduate qualifications, with generous study leave and fee reimbursement schemes. 

Throughout the year, we work with you to set clear goals and ensure you are continuously building on your knowledge and skills. Discuss your career prospects and preferences with your manager and track your goals and achievements using our online performance management and development system. You can set out your career aspirations and development goals, all based against clearly defined competencies, and discuss with your manager how you are going to achieve them. 

There are also numerous opportunities for our people to move to other client areas, or other areas of the business, or to work on major corporate projects. This can provide an opportunity to experience new clients, work with different managers or undertake different types of work. You might also welcome a secondment to another government agency or professional services firm. They’re all excellent ways to grow your professional experience and gain valuable new skills.

We are here to help you become the best that you can be, both now and in the future.