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Performance audit consultant panel

The Audit Office conducts performance audits on whether government programs and services in New South Wales are delivered efficiently, effectively, economically and in accordance with the law. 

Our current performance audit program aims to:

  • build on our first audits in the local government sector and focus our audits on specific issues and some individual councils
  • use the analysis from our Performance audit insights report to help determine areas of unaddressed risk across all parts of government, and to shape our future audit priorities
  • investigate ways of harnessing relevant information held by agencies on our performance audit topics – such as data mining – whilst reducing the administrative burden on agencies in sourcing and producing it  
  • seek further opportunities to use data analytics to support audit insights.

To help ensure our reports to Parliament are accurate and relevant, we engage external consultants as subject matter experts from time to time.

Apply to be included on our panel of performance audit consultants

Suitably qualified and experienced subject matter experts are invited to express interest in being included on a panel of performance audit consultants. The Audit Office will refer to this panel when planning and resourcing upcoming performance audits.

To apply:

For further information about being part of the performance audit consultants panel, please contact our procurement team.