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Why join us?

The Audit Office is a rewarding, challenging and impactful place to work, and our graduate program has a reputation for launching excellent careers.

We have a people-focused culture built on trust, support and respect. Our culture is supported by values of integrity, curiosity, open-mindedness, speaking out when we need to, and taking pride in the important work we do.

Hands-on experience

At the Audit Office, you won’t be restricted to one task on repeat. Our graduates get real-life experience with our clients and the opportunity to immerse themselves in all aspects of auditing.

Work with a variety of clients across NSW

Why limit yourself to one organisation when you can work with many? With a mandate to audit the entire NSW Government, including local government, few roles expose you to such interesting and diverse clients.

Access to ongoing personal and professional development

The Audit Office provides excellent professional development opportunities. Ongoing formal and informal training will complement your on-the-job learning. We will work with you to set clear goals and ensure you are continuously building on your knowledge and skills.

Support to gain your professional qualification

For those completing professional accounting qualifications, we will support you in your studies by providing you with a mentor, study and exam leave and reimbursement of fees. We understand how gruelling work and study can be and we are committed to helping you make the most of your time, delivering on-the-job experience and knowledge that directly supports your pursuit of a professional accounting qualification.

We also support relevant tertiary studies, including a wide array of postgraduate qualifications, with generous study leave and fee reimbursement schemes.

Flexible work practices

At the Audit Office we don’t just talk about work-life balance, we actually do it! We have a culture of looking after each other. Our deadlines can mean that some months are extremely busy, and it’s all hands-on deck to get the job done. Things can get a little hectic when you’re auditing the entire NSW public sector! It’s worth it though – we give you flexibility at less busy times of the year to balance things out.

The Audit Office is located in the Sydney CBD, however we are committed to supporting flexible work arrangements that help employees balance their work-life priorities. Our flexible work practices provide our employees with choice in the way they work, within the context of their roles, creating a diverse, skilled and motivated workforce capable of delivering quality products and efficient services. This means that some days you’ll be in the office or at a client site, surrounded by peers, colleagues or clients and working collaboratively. Other days, you’ll be working where you choose, this could include a residence located anywhere within Australia, so you can have the focused environment you need to get the task at hand done best. Our flexible approach to work means you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds when you join the Audit Office. 

If you do not live in Sydney, it is important to understand that when you are required to attend head office or a client site within the Sydney metropolitan area, you will need to cover the associated travel and accommodation costs.  Please note some regional travel within New South Wales may be required and more details on associated costs is available in our Travel Policy.

To assist you with setting up your home office, on commencement with the Audit Office you will be provided a $175 allowance, and then every October you will be provided a $350 allowance.

Ongoing support and guidance from a mentor from CA/CPA

We offer professional qualification study support and leave for study and exam days. You can also choose to be assigned a mentor from CA or CPA!

Excellent progression and promotion opportunities

Did you know that many of our audit leaders, several directors and even two of our Assistant Auditors-General started in our graduate program? Starting your career as an Audit Office graduate will give you many opportunities to progress in your professional auditing career.

Competitive remuneration package

Audit Office salaries are paid at competitive market rates. However, it is important to think beyond salary when assessing a graduate position. Other rewards and benefits you will receive include development and growth opportunities, flexible work practices and career progression.