What to expect

What to expect

So, you’ve made it through our rigorous selection process. What's next?

Once you receive an offer

Between receiving an offer and your first day at work, we’ll help you feel part of the team by introducing you to your 'Friendly Face'.

Our Friendly Faces recently joined the office as graduates, and they'll help you transition smoothly into your role and will answer any questions you may have. You’ll be able to find out exactly how a new graduate copes with the demands of professional life.

You’ll also be invited to our all staff event in November so you can get a good feel for what's happening at the Audit Office before you start work at the end of January.

First few weeks on the job

You’ll begin life at the Audit Office with a formal two-week induction program that includes technical training, professional skills development, an introduction to the work culture, insights and interactions with the Auditor-General, the Deputy Auditor-General and the leadership team.

After your induction you’ll join a Neighbourhood (a large talent pool of auditors) and commence your practical, on-the-job training in our financial audit branch. This means you’ll be out in the field and working with your very own auditees - forget about being stuck in a little office cubicle to learn the ropes!

We equip and support you to conduct your audits with confidence. We do this by exposing you to our auditees from the outset, and by guiding you through a structured, formal training program that includes both technical and soft skills training.

Plus, your Friendly Face will be on hand to help with anything you need.

Setting you up for success

When you join our graduate team, you're given tailored support from our Learning and Development team. This includes half-yearly methodology training and a range of external courses to ensure you excel in your role.

We offer CPA/CA study support (including leave for study and exam days), and access to a range of online training courses.

Additionally, you will have the ongoing support of your team and colleagues across all levels of the organisation. And you can be assigned a mentor if you choose.

Throughout the year, we work with you to set clear goals and ensure you are continuously building on your knowledge and skills, including annual performance agreements and professional growth discussions.

Visit Working for the Audit Office to learn more about our career development options and all of the other great things on offer at the Audit Office. 

More than just life at the desk

There are so many opportunities to enjoy the social side of work.

Each year our recreation club (the ReClub) hosts a fun 'Launchies' event to welcome all our graduates, and help everyone connect and settle in. In recent years, this has included a mini Olympics and picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens, and a scavenger hunt in the city.

Later in the year ReClub hosts our Annual Dinner where our graduate cohort gets to have some fun and get creative! 

Other social events include regular Happy Hour, sports competitions, trivia nights, Melbourne Cup celebrations and lots more.

But best of all, our grads tell us that they love coming to work. They learn so much at the Audit Office, make lifelong friends and develop a valuable professional network.

Working on audits that generate insights to improve outcomes for the people of New South Wales gives our graduates a purposeful career and our supportive workplace makes everyday a rewarding one.