Sherrilyn Lal - testimonial

picture of Sherrilyn Lal, graduate 2015

Why would you encourage other graduates to get involved?

Getting involved makes work much more fun and interesting.

What's your long-term career goal?

To find a well-regarded position in a company, to add value and continue to grow in the company.

What do you enjoy most about the Audit Office?

The people, the culture and the work-life balance.

Are you looking to do any further study?

Yes! I’m currently doing my CA but also want to complete a law degree.

What have you learnt working here?

The importance of time management, communication and people skills. It’s also just as important to look after yourself and have a healthy work-life balance.

What are you currently working on?

On the audit of the University of New England, located in Armidale which is pretty cool! We fly in and fly out Monday to Friday which is fun.

What's your usual day like?

Meeting with clients, looking at financial statements, conducting audit testing and learning a lot about the audit methodology.

What has surprised you about the Audit Office?

The culture and people who work here. Everyone is so friendly and supportive.

What is your tip for graduates now looking to apply at the Audit Office?

Make sure you get your application in early, it’s quite competitive. Just be yourself at the interview and don’t be afraid to ask questions!