Moontaha Sattar - testimonial

photo of Moontaha Sattar - 2019 graduate

Why did you choose to apply to work at the Audit Office?

When I looked at the Audit Office website, I realised how interesting it would be to work in the government sector, making an impact for the people of Australia. I only applied for one grad program (which I don’t advise!) and luckily, I was successful. I knew what I wanted, I went for it, and I got it!

How have you found working at the Audit Office?

My team were so encouraging and helped me to build up my knowledge and experience. The coaching I received has made me confident enough to perform audits on my own. 

When you enter the corporate world from university, it can take some adjusting, but being surrounded by understanding people has helped me to grow into the auditor that I am today!

What types of clients have you worked with?

Major clients I worked with included NSW Department of Customer Service, NSW Telco Authority and NSW Crime Commission – that audit was so interesting!

What is your favourite part about the work you do?

Everything clicked when I came here – the theory that I had learnt at university made sense once put into practice. The knowledge that you can make an impact in this field is very cool. I haven’t been this passionate about any other job!

What do like most about the office culture?

I like that I can approach people at all levels, from graduate to director to Auditor-General! Whether manager, senior, or director, you can still have a casual conversation.

The office layout here means that you can sit next to people outside your team and have a conversation and hear their insights too.

How has the Audit Office supported you in your study?

I can ask for help at any time and my team members will sit with me and we work through it together. I feel so supported here.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The choice I made to come here was the best that I have made, I wouldn’t do anything differently! To any prospective grad I would say 'go for it, you never know what could come out of applying!'