picture of a woman pointing to the words hear from our grads

Hear from our grads

Who better to tell you about life as a graduate at the Audit Office than some of our past grads? Watch their stories below!

Joanne Ters

‘Something that stood out to me when applying was the Audit Office’s vision and values. I really respect and appreciate the emphasis on making a difference to society, and helping hold government to account.’


Ali Farhat

‘I did my research and the Audit Office seemed like a great place to work, full of amazing opportunities. The good work was inspiring, and I knew this is where I wanted my career to head.’


Benjamin Wong 

‘The Audit Office really did live up to its promise of looking after grads.’


Lilian Wu

‘Both my managers are very open. I can reach out to them about anything and this has really helped me feel comfortable.’

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