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Frequently asked questions

What is it like to work at the Audit Office?

The Audit Office is a great place to work. We have a professional workforce who strive to achieve the best outcomes for the people of New South Wales with a friendly and supportive corporate culture. Our work offers a variety of experiences and opportunities and we are always seeking to grow and improve.

To find out more, visit Working for the Audit Office.

What benefits does the Audit Office offer besides salary?

There is far more on offer at the Audit Office than a competitive salary. A diverse workforce, flexible working arrangements, study and career development support, and social events are just a few of the benefits our graduates enjoy.

To find out more, visit Working for the Audit Office.

Why should I apply for a graduate role at the Audit Office?

The Audit Office of New South Wales graduate program will provide you with a career that will challenge and reward you. Ultimately, you will grow into a connected and experienced audit professional who helps bring about positive outcomes for the people of New South Wales.

Do you hire non-accounting graduates?

To be eligible for our program you need to have completed or be completing an accounting degree that is recognised by at least one of the professional accounting bodies or recognised equivalent (CPA Australia, CA Australia and New Zealand [CAANZ] or the Institute of Public Accountants program).

For roles in our performance audit, corporate services or professional services branches, visit Current vacancies.

Can I apply if I graduated more than three years ago or have just finished a postgraduate qualification?

We are looking for recent accounting graduates who have graduated within the last three years. A recent postgraduate qualification in accounting is also acceptable.

Do you hire international students?

To work in a permanent position within the NSW public sector you must have permanent Australian residency as a minimum requirement.

Do you provide visa sponsorship?

We currently do not support visa sponsorship.

What is the selection process?

Let us share some information about our recruitment process and what you can expect in each stage:

  • Submit an online application form Complete a short online application and tell us about your skills, experiences and background. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria and share information about why you want to make a difference as an Audit Office graduate.
  • Complete online assessments These assessments enable us to get a better understand of who you are, your skills and your preferred ways of workings. The assessments won’t take long to complete and you will be provided with some immediate feedback on your results.
  • Record a video interview – The video interview is a one-way interview where you will record short responses to some questions. While it can feel a little bit daunting, we’ll provide helpful information before you start and only ask questions that will allow you to demonstrate your passions, experiences and communication style – all the things that are important for an Audit Office graduate.
  • Attend an Assessment Centre – The Assessment Centre is our favourite stage of the process as we get the opportunity to meet you and share information on why we love the Audit Office! You’ll also have the chance to interact with some of our business leaders and participate in a range of activities including group and individual activities, including an interview. It’s a really fun process and you’ll leave the session with all your questions answered!

Successful candidates will be invited to an Assessment Centre in May/June and successful candidates will receive an offer in June/July.

What is the best way to prepare for an interview at the Assessment Centre?

If you are selected to attend our Assessment Centre you should prepare carefully for your interview. Interview questions are based on the capabilities of the role. Read the criteria and think of likely questions. Practice your answers out loud or with a friend. Interviews are like public speaking – prepare and rehearse as much as you can.

Consider the challenges of the job and how your skills, knowledge and experience will help you meet them. Read your application and decide which points you want to emphasise. Take a look at our latest annual report to ensure you understand the work we do and the importance of our role in government.

When answering interview questions remember:

  • it is okay to take your time – think before you answer
  • that you can ask for the question to be explained again if it is unclear
  • that you will need to restate or elaborate on details already in your application
  • to give examples from your experience within each answer
  • to give complete answers – assume the interviewer knows nothing about you and do not omit details even if they’re in your resume
  • to pay attention to your body language – maintain eye contact with the panel
  • that our interview questions are mainly behaviourally based and relate to the competencies and behaviours we consider crucial for success in the role.

At the end of the interview, ask any questions you have about the job or the Audit Office.

Can I apply for a role if I do not live in Sydney?

The Audit Office head office is located in the Sydney CBD, however we are committed to supporting flexible work arrangements to help employees balance their work-life priorities. Our flexible work practices model provides our employees with choice in the way they work, within the context of their roles, creating a diverse, skilled, and motivated workforce capable of delivering quality products and efficient services. 

Your days will be different.  One day you might be at a client site conducting a series of meetings for an audit. Another day you might be in the office with some colleagues connecting with your team and working collaboratively to sort out a particular problem. Other days, you will be working where you choose, this could include a residence located anywhere within Australia, so you can have the focused environment you need to get the task at hand done. Our flexible approach to work means you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds when you join the Audit Office. 

If you do not live in Sydney, it is important to understand that when you are required to attend head office or a client site within the Sydney metropolitan area, you will need to cover the associated travel and accommodation costs.  Please note some regional travel within New South Wales may be required and more details on associated costs is available in our Travel Policy.

What support will I have to set up my home office?

On commencement with the Audit Office you will be provided a $175 allowance to assist with setting up your home office, and then every October you will be provided an additional $350 allowance to ensure your home office set up continues to meet your needs.

Will I need to travel to clients?

Clients are located throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, and some are in regional areas of New South Wales.  You will need to be prepared to travel to clients you are assigned to.

What will my first year involve as a graduate?

After a structured two-week induction program you’ll join the financial audit team and commence your practical, on-the-job training. As a graduate, you’ll be exposed to clients from the outset. This is complemented by a structured, formal training program that includes both technical and soft skills training and professional qualification study support. To find out more about the professional development opportunities available to our graduates, visit Your development journey.

You’ll also be assigned a ‘Friendly Face’ who joined the office as a graduate in the past few years. That way you’ll be able to find out exactly how a new graduate copes with the demands of a professional life.

To find out more, visit What to expect.

When do applications close?

Applications for our 2025 graduate program are open until midnight 18 April 2024. Click here to apply.

What will my salary be as a graduate?

Audit Office salaries are paid at competitive market rates. Remuneration packages are always included in advertisements. When you are offered a position at the Audit Office you will receive full details of your remuneration package in your offer letter. It is important to think beyond salary when assessing a graduate position. Other rewards and benefits you will receive include development and growth opportunities, flexible work practices and career progression.

To find out more, visit What to expect.

When will I be required to start work?

Our graduates commence work at the end of January or early February each year.

What are your work hours like?

We work a 35 hour week on a flexible basis. We expect our people to do the hours required to get the job done but always try and maintain our flexible work practices including the provision of flex leave to compensate for additional hours worked during busy periods.

When will I hear back from you after submitting my application?

We are normally able to get back to applicants within five business days of the application closing date, however at peak application times it may take us a little longer to respond. If you haven’t heard back from us within five business days, please feel free to contact us at

What if I have more questions?

Email our People and Culture team directly and we'll do our best to give you answers.