Image description: Audit Office graduates

Graduate program

Our graduate program will provide you with a strong career foundation. It will develop you into an audit professional who is focused on improving public sector performance and accountability that will make a real difference in the community.

We play an important role in holding government accountable.

Our people specialise in financial and performance audits, and we are proud of how our work promotes the effective use of public resources and the continuous improvement of government services.

Our graduates are uniquely exposed to a broad array of government organisations, varying from very small to very large public sector entities, departments, corporations, companies and local councils. Why limit yourself to one agency or organisation when you can work with many?

People are our key asset and we will invest in you and support you.

We have developed a reputation for producing talented and high-performing audit professionals, and for providing a balanced workplace that fosters collaboration and lifelong learning.

A career at the Audit Office of New South Wales will challenge and reward you. Ultimately, you will grow into a connected and experienced audit professional who helps bring about positive outcomes for the people of New South Wales.

For more information on what it’s like working for us, visit Working for the Audit Office.