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Resources for audit service providers

In order to deliver on our mandate to parliament, the Audit Office engages external audit service providers to partner with us in the delivery of financial attest audit services. Procurement activities are conducted in accordance with the NSW Procurement Policy Framework principles.

As a general practice, the Auditor-General enters into partnership arrangements with audit firms to deliver around 30 per cent of financial audits, aiming to commission external audits that:

  • result in the delivery of high quality audits
  • help parliament hold government accountable for its use of public resources
  • generate insights to inform and challenge government to improve outcomes for citizens
  • encourage innovation and an openness to more diverse service delivery models
  • are cost effective.

External audit service providers are required to apply upon notification of request for tender (RFT) process published on the NSW Government's e-tendering portal.  For further information about working with the Audit Office, please contact our procurement team.  

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