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Quadrennial review

Statutory quadrennial review of the Audit Office of New South Wales  

The report of the Statutory Quadrennial Review of the Audit Office of New South Wales (the review), performed under 48A of the Government Sector Audit Act 1983 (the Act) has been tabled in Parliament by the Public Accounts Committee.

The Audit Office welcomes these reviews as they provide an independent perspective on performance and make an important contribution to the continuous improvement culture embedded in the Audit Office’s 2020–2024 Corporate Plan. It is also appropriate that the Audit Office is held to a similar level of accountability as auditees.

The review concluded that the Audit Office complies with relevant practices and standards in the carrying out of the Auditor-General’s functions under the Act and that the Audit Office is a well-functioning office that is staffed by professional and dedicated auditors.

The review makes six recommendations to help the Audit Office maintain and improve performance in a changing public sector and auditing environment. All review recommendations are accepted and those directed to the Audit Office will be implemented by 30 June 2023. The recommendations will assist the Audit Office achieve its vision to inform and challenge government to improve outcomes for citizens. 

The Audit Office thanks O’Connor Marsden for their professional and collaborative approach in conducting a thorough review of the Office’s activities, and thanks also to the employees of the Audit Office, whose hard work and commitment are the foundation of this good result.