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Our governance structure

The Audit Office has a well-defined governance structure consisting of the Office Executive, independent Audit and Risk Committee, and Remuneration Committee. 

Audit Office Governance Framework
Audit Office of New South Wales - Governance Framework

Office Executive 

The Office Executive, with the Auditor-General as Chair, directs the affairs of the Audit Office and is responsible for:

  • setting the strategic direction and monitoring performance against the Audit Office’s Corporate Plan
  • setting direction on the impact to the Audit Office of key changes to standards, legislation and machinery of government change that have a whole-of-office consequence
  • ensuring the Audit Office is compliant with relevant laws, directions, codes and practices, ensuring key policies are regularly reviewed, up-to-date and relevant, as well as embedding a culture of compliance
  • operating in accordance with the Audit Office’s values and embedding a culture of ethical and lawful behavior
  • overseeing the Audit Office’s financial performance and sustainability.

For details of current Office Executive members visit Our people.

Audit and Risk Committee 

The objective of the Audit and Risk Committee is to provide independent assistance to the Auditor-General by monitoring, reviewing and providing advice about the Audit Office’s governance processes, risk management and control frameworks, and its external accountability obligations. The Audit and Risk Committee meets at least four times a year and holds special meetings to review the annual financial statements.

The Audit and Risk Committee consists of three independent members:

  • Bruce Turner AM (Chair)
  • John Gordon
  • Elizabeth Gavey.

Remuneration Committee 

The Audit Office’s Remuneration Committee consists of two members – an independent Chair, Dianne Hill and the Director, Governance, Paola Rigby. The committee is directly responsible and accountable to the Auditor-General and provides independent advice on the appropriateness and application of the Audit Office’s remuneration policies and procedures.

Further details on the above committees can be found in the resources list below. There is also greater detail on our structure in our annual reports

For all Audit Office policies, registers and related documents available on our website please visit Access our information.