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Our ethics and independence

Protecting the reputation of the Audit Office is vital to ensure our credibility and to maintain public trust in what we do. To do this we foster a culture that instils ethical behaviour. Integrity, independence and respect are embedded in our core values of:

  • Pride in purpose 
  • Curious and open-minded 
  • Valuing people 
  • Contagious integrity 
  • Courage (even when its uncomfortable). 

These core values, and the NSW Public Sector values of integrity, trust, service and accountability, are the foundation of our Code of Conduct.

In support of our Code of Conduct, the Audit Office’s ethical framework includes policies covering conflicts of interest, gifts and benefits, diversity and inclusion, a respectful workplace, compliance, performance management, and privacy management.

During induction, all new staff are trained on the Audit Office’s ethical framework before signing the Code of Conduct and completing a Conflict of Interest declaration. These sign-offs are completed annually thereafter.

We also have a Statement of Business Ethics which provides guidance for third parties when doing business with the Audit Office.