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The information we hold

The Audit Office holds a significant amount of government information. Government information as defined in the GIPA Act means ‘information contained in a record held by an agency’. A record means any document or other source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form, or by electronic process or in any other manner. The majority of government information held by the Audit Office deals with providing core financial and performance audit services. The Audit Office also holds a smaller amount of information dealing with administrative matters. Examples of the type of information we hold are:

  • information gathered during the course of the audit process which can include data and statistics, financial information, accounts, policies, procedures, correspondence and more from the agency concerned
  • records relating to personal information
  • policies
  • publications
  • minutes and reports – administrative and financial
  • contracts and associated documents
  • internal working papers
  • correspondence – with the Premier, ministers, MPs, heads and staff of NSW Government agencies, the public and other organisations.

The Audit Office produces several types of publications. The Auditor-General’s Reports to Parliament are produced as Financial Audit Reports, Performance Audit Reports and Special Reviews. The Audit Office also publishes an annual report.