Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Roadmap 2021–2025

The Audit Office Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Roadmap 2021–2025 supports our commitment to ensuring we have a diverse workplace, one that is representative of our community.

We recognise that by embracing the different experience, skills, perspectives, and talents of all people in our organisation we not only create a culture of participation, and respect, but we see increases in innovation, creativity, and overall organisational performance.

Our people come from many different backgrounds and cultures, and we respect the unique point of view each person brings to our organisation. Diversity makes us a more vibrant, interesting, and ultimately a stronger organisation. Furthermore, embracing our diversity is fundamental to the achievement of our values and it realises many benefits, one of which is the ongoing development of our culture.

The roadmap outlines short and medium-term objectives across four focus areas; and identifies specific Audit Office targets that are meaningful to our organisation and help us measure how we are going on our way to achieving the NSW Government targets.