Performance Audit Reports 2014

Auditor-General's Reports to Parliament


WestConnex: Assurance to the Government

Report WestConnex: Assurance to the Government

Roads and Maritime Services, WestConnex Delivery Authority, Infrastructure NSW, Transport for NSW, NSW Treasury, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Number 247 Released  18 December 2014 Media Release

Learning Management and Business Reform Program

Report The Learning Management and Business Reform Program

Department of Education and Communities

Number 246 Released  16 December 2014 Media Release

Managing Contaminated Sites

Report Managing contaminated sites

Environment Protection Authority
Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services

Number 245 Released  10 July 2014 Media Release

Making the Most of Government Purchasing Power - Telecommunications

Report Making the most of government purchasing power - telecommunications

Office of Finance and Services

Number 244 Released  26 June 2014 Media Release

Use of Purchasing Cards and Electronic Payment Methods

Report Use of purchasing cards and electronic payment methods

NSW Treasury

Number 243 Released  5 June 2014 Media Release

Effectiveness of the New Death and Disability Scheme

Report Effectiveness of the new Death and Disability Scheme

NSW Police Force

Number 242 Released  22 May 2014 Media Release

Regional Road Funding - Block Grant and REPAIR Programs

Report Regional Road funding - Block Grant and REPAIR programs

Roads and Maritime Services

Number 241 Released  8 May 2014 Media Release

NSW State Emergency Service Management of Volunteers

Report Management of Volunteers - NSW State Emergency Services

NSW State Emergency Service

Number 240 Released  15 April 2014 Media Release

Fitness of Firefighters

Report Fitness of Firefighters

Fire and Rescue NSW
NSW Fire Service

Number 239 Released  1 April 2014 Media Release

Auditor-General's Reports to Parliament

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