Volume Two focusing on Universities

    28 May 2015 1. Executive Summary
    This report sets out the results of the financial statement audits of the ten NSW universities and their controlled entities for the year ended 31 December 2014. Unqualified audit ...
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    2. Financial Reporting and Sustainability
    Financial reporting is an important dimension of good governance. Confidence in public sector decision making and transparency is enhanced when financial reporting is accurate, tim ...
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    3. Financial Controls
    Appropriate financial controls help ensure the efficient and effective use of university resources and the implementation and administration of university policies. They are essent ...
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    4. Governance
    Governance refers to the high-level framework for rules, behaviours, systems and processes established to ensure entities meet their intended purpose, expectations of probity, acco ...
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    5. Teaching and Research
    Teaching and research are core activities of universities. The quality of teaching is a key driver of growth and the ability to attract domestic and international students. Through ...
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    6. Appendices
    A list of Appendices.
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