Volume Twelve 2016 Report on Industry, Skills, Electricity and Water

    14 Dec 2016 1. Executive Summary
    This report analyses the results of the financial statement audits of agencies within the NSW Industry, Skills and Regional Development cluster. The D ...
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    2. Introduction
    This report provides Parliament and other users of the NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development cluster agencies’ financial stateme ...
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    3. Financial Performance and Reporting
    This chapter outlines audit observations, conclusions and recommendations for the financial and performance reporting of agencies in the Cluster for 2 ...
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    4. Financial Controls
    This chapter outlines our 2015–16 audit observations, conclusions or recommendations for financial controls in the cluster agencies.
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    5. Governance
    Governance refers to the high-level frameworks, processes and behaviours established to ensure an entity performs by meeting its intended purpose, and ...
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    6. Service Delivery
    Government outcomes can be achieved by delivering the desired mix of services through the public, private or not-for-profit sectors. Service delivery ...
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    7. Appendices
    A list of the appendices contained within this report.
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