Volume One Focusing On Themes For 2014

    20 Feb 2015 1. Executive Summary
    This report focuses on key observations and recommendations from financial and performance audits in 2014.
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    2. Financial Reporting and Controls
    Appropriate financial controls help ensure the efficient and effective use of resources and the implementation and administration of policies. They are essential for ensuring quali ...
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    3. Governance
    Governance refers to the high-level frameworks, processes and behaviours established to ensure an entity performs by meeting its intended purpose, and conforms with legislative and ...
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    4. Service Delivery
    The achievement of Government outcomes can be improved through effective delivery of the right mix of services, whether from the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.
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    5. Looking Forward
    The 2014 audit findings were reported across the themes of financial reporting, financial controls, governance and service delivery.
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    6. Appendices
    A list of Appendices.
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