Volume One 2016 Areas of Focus From 2015

    Vol 1 2016 01 Road Horizon 200x255
    25 Feb 2016 1. Executive Summary
    This report focuses on key observations from financial and performance audits in 2015. The findings have been broadly classified into four themes, which has informed the focus of f ...
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    Vol 1 2016 02 Financial Performance and Reporting 200x255
    2. Financial Performance and Reporting
    Financial performance and reporting are important elements of good governance. Confidence in public sector decision making and transparency is enhanced when financial reporting is ...
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    Vol 1 2016 03 Financial Controls 200x255
    3. Financial Controls
    Appropriate financial controls help ensure the efficient and effective use of resources and the implementation and administration of agency policies. They are essential for quality ...
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    Vol 1 2016 04 Governance 200x255
    4. Governance
    Governance refers to the high level frameworks, processes and behaviours established to ensure an entity meets its intended purpose, conforms with legislative and other requirement ...
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    Vol 1 2016 05 Service Delivery 200x255
    5. Service Delivery
    The achievement of Government outcomes can be improved through the effective commissioning of the right mix of services from the public, private and not for profit sectors. Commiss ...
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    Vol 1 2016 06 Looking Forward 200x255
    6. Looking Forward
    In 2016, the Audit Office will build on its work of 2015 and continue to report financial audit findings across four themes - financial performance and reporting, financial control ...
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