Volume Four Treasury and State Finances

    15 Oct 2015 1. Executive Summary
    The Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 requires the Treasurer to prepare and submit consolidated financial statements for the NSW General Government and Total State Sectors to the A ...
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    2. Audit result
    This year’s unqualified audit opinion evidences the Government’s commitment to improve the quality of financial reporting across the NSW public sector.
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    3. Governance Matters
    The Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012 sets the overall goal for managing government finances and maintaining the State’s AAA credit rating. The purpose of holding onto the AAA credit ...
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    4. Compliance Review
    Each year the Audit Office considers agency compliance with key central agency requirements.
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    5. Treasury and Finance Cluster
    The Treasury and Finance cluster provides leadership in financial management across the public sector.
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    6. Appendices
    A list of appendices
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