Volume Eleven 2016 Report on Health

    8 Dec 2016 1. Executive Summary
    This report analyses the results of the financial statement audits of the Health cluster agencies for 2015–16. The table below summaries key observati ...
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    2. Introduction
    This report provides Parliament and other users of Health cluster entities’ financial statements with audit results, observations, conclusions and rec ...
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    3. Financial Performance and Reporting
    This chapter outlines observations, conclusions and recommendations relating to the financial performance and reporting of agencies in the Health clus ...
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    4. Financial Controls
    This chapter outlines findings about financial controls of agencies in the Health cluster for 2015–16. The table summarises key observations and concl ...
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    5. Governance
    Governance refers to the high-level frameworks, processes and behaviours established to ensure an entity performs by meeting its intended purpose, and ...
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    6. Service Delivery
    This chapter outlines our key findings about Service Delivery in the Health cluster for 2015–16. The key observations and conclusions or recommendatio ...
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    7. Appendices
    A list of the appendices contained within this report.
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