Preventing and managing worker injuries

    13 Oct 2016 1. Executive Summary
    Emergency services workers are often required to deal with dangerous situations and attend traumatic scenes. This puts them at greater risk of injury ...
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    2. Introduction
    In 2014–15, the NSW Police Force employed around 16,700 police officers in 432 police stations and in head office locations. Front-line police officer ...
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    3. Recommendations
    By July 2017, the NSW Police Force should: 1. continue to evaluate the effectiveness of Workforce Improvement Program initiatives and use results to d ...
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    4. Key Findings - NSW Police Force
    The NSW Police Force has a range of programs and practices that promote its officers’ health and wellness. A number of trial programs are currently be ...
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    5. Key Findings - Fire & Rescue NSW
    Fire & Rescue NSW has a number of programs to promote health and prevent injuries. However, many of these programs are voluntary and do not adequately ...
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    6. Appendices
    Please refer to the following list of Appendices.
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