ICT in schools for teaching and learning

    6 Jul 2017 1. Executive Summary
    Information and communication technologies (ICT) are pervasive in modern life. Australian research has identified that the workforce demand for digital literacy and advanced digita ...
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    2. Introduction
    ICT is increasingly being used to develop, process and share information in a range of learning, work and social settings. Education systems are responding to these changes by inte ...
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    3. Recommendations
    By July 2018, the Department of Education should: Review the Technology for Learning program and school ICT support resourcing to determine whether resourcing is adequate for mod ...
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    4. Key Findings
    The Department’s vision to enable ‘any learning opportunity, anywhere, anytime’ is at risk of not being fully achieved due to accelerating demands placed on ageing devices and scho ...
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    5. Appendices
    A list of appendices contained in this report.
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