CBD and South East Light Rail Project

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    30 Nov 2016 1. Executive Summary
    The Central Business District and South East Light Rail (CSELR) project is a large public transport infrastructure project. Its current estimated capi ...
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    2. Introduction
    Capital works projects are a major investment and financial risk for the State. The NSW Government has allocated $41.5 billion over the next four year ...
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    3. Planning and procurement
    All agencies must show how they achieve value for the public money they spend. For major works such as the CSELR project, agencies should show how the ...
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    4. Project scope, costs and benefits
    Our audit reviewed what generated changes in the project scope, costs and benefits, and whether the changes were justified and reasonably foreseeable. ...
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    5. Probity and due diligence
    Agencies must follow probity and due diligence requirements to show their procurement for a project has been fair and objective. These are set out in ...
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    6. Appendices
    A list of appendices contained in this report.
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