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Our work

Auditor-General’s Reports to Parliament 

Our Auditor-General's Reports to Parliament are published as performance audit reports, financial audit reports and special reports.  

Our performance audit reports provide information to the Parliament of New South Wales and the public about how well government programs and services are delivered. Ultimately, they aim to improve public administration. Performance audits examine whether programs and services are delivered efficiently, effectively, economically and in accordance with the law.

Our financial audit reports provide independent opinions on the financial statements of NSW government entities, universities and councils. Our opinions provide assurance about whether these financial statements comply with accounting standards, relevant laws, regulations and government directions. Additional financial audits are undertaken each year on the General Government and Total State Sector Accounts. Financial statement audits also highlight opportunities where entities can improve their accounting and financial systems.

Special reports are sometimes published to confirm that specific legislation, directions and regulations have been adhered to.

Information on reports yet to be published can be found in our Upcoming reports section, or in our Audit program.

Audit program 

Our Audit program gives Parliament, the entities we audit and the broader community some certainty over future topics and the timing of our reports. The work program provides a summary of upcoming audits as well as detailed information on the areas of focus based on each of the NSW government clusters.


As well as our Auditor-General's Reports to Parliament, we also produce other Publications and resources of use to our stakeholders.