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Actions for Managing Animal Disease Emergencies

Managing Animal Disease Emergencies

Management and administration
Shared services and collaboration

The Audit Office is of the opinion that while planning, surveillance and response issues remain unresolved, the State is at significant risk from large-scale emergencies such as might occur with foot-and-mouth disease. Actions by NSW Agriculture since the Newcastle disease emergency at Mangrove Mountain in 1999 have positioned the State to manage better emergency animal diseases. Many of these actions have been pursued within the context of national agre


Actions for Government Property Register

Government Property Register

Asset valuation
Management and administration
Shared services and collaboration

Despite the issue being on the agenda for many years (formally, at least since 1988), at present there is not a comprehensive record of all government property assets in NSW. Whilst initiatives currently underway are promising, they will require continued priority to achieve tangible results. And careful coordination will be required to avoid duplication and waste.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #93 - released 31 January 2002


Actions for Planning for road maintenance

Planning for road maintenance

Management and administration
Project management

The Audit Office is of the opinion that the RTA is taking positive steps in planning for road maintenance and in many instances follows better practice. There are, however, some important improvements which need to be implemented in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of that function.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #69 - released 1 December 1999