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Actions for Electronic Information Security

Electronic Information Security

Whole of Government
Cyber security
Internal controls and governance

The Government is not able to provide assurance that it is safeguarding its holdings of sensitive personal information because its policy has not been properly implemented. This is likely to remain the case until there are clear, mandatory, minimum standards that agencies sign up to, and scrutiny of performance against these standards is strengthened.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #207 - released 20 October 2010


Actions for Managing Forensic Analysis: Fingerprints and DNA

Managing Forensic Analysis: Fingerprints and DNA

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration
Workforce and capability

Fingerprints and DNA play a critical role in solving crime and serving justice, but DNA evidence can result in more arrests, more prosecutions and more convictions. We found that while police effectively prioritise fingerprint evidence, it could better manage the screening and analysis of both fingerprint and DNA evidence to reduce delays.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #195 - released 10 February 2010


Actions for Planning for road maintenance

Planning for road maintenance

Management and administration
Project management

The Audit Office is of the opinion that the RTA is taking positive steps in planning for road maintenance and in many instances follows better practice. There are, however, some important improvements which need to be implemented in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of that function.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #69 - released 1 December 1999