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Actions for The Cross City Tunnel Project

The Cross City Tunnel Project

Premier and Cabinet
Management and administration
Project management

In our opinion the Government’s ‘no net cost to government’ requirement was a legitimate (but not the only possible) basis for the tunnel bid process. The Government was entitled to decide that tunnel users meet the tunnel costs. Structuring the bid process on the basis of an upfront reimbursement of costs incurred (or to be incurred) by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) was therefore appropriate. In our opinion, however, the Government, Treasury an


Actions for Managing Grants

Managing Grants

Community Services
Management and administration
Service delivery

In our view, the agencies we studied cannot be sure that the grants they allocate align with their corporate objectives, and that program outcomes are achieved. This is mainly due to problems with grant selection and the evaluation of results. It was good to see that most of the grants programs had funding objectives which were fairly clear. But we found problems across most programs which could affect the fair and equitable selection of grants, such as,


Actions for User-Friendliness of Websites

User-Friendliness of Websites

Whole of Government
Information technology
Service delivery

Of the sites examined, users would find that some offered a pleasant and productive experience. Using others would be onerous and frustrating. Some users would not be able in practice to access features on some sites. All sites, even the best, had aspects warranting better attention to users’ needs. The failure of some sites to provide important information about privacy, security and legal matters was of particular concern. For the sites evaluated there