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Actions for Protecting the Environment: Pollution Incidents

Protecting the Environment: Pollution Incidents

Management and administration

The department has a systematic approach to receiving, investigating and responding to reports of pollution incidents. However, the department does not analyse and report on the extent of environmental harm caused by pollution incidents reported to it, whether its response has minimised harm to the environment, whether its regulatory approach has improved compliance, particularly by Environment Protection Licence (EPL) holders (licensees).   Parliament


Actions for Severance Payments to Special Temporary Employees

Severance Payments to Special Temporary Employees

Premier and Cabinet
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Workforce and capability

In reviewing both the severance pay guidelines and a sample of payments, we found the guidelines to be clear and all except two payments were made in accordance with them. In these two cases the severance payment was stipulated in the employment contract guaranteeing the STE a minimum of six months pay on termination, irrespective of the length of service.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #201 - released 16 June 2010