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Actions for A review of activities funded by the Statutory Interest Account

A review of activities funded by the Statutory Interest Account

Financial reporting
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

The Audit Office considers that having regard to the audit findings and the recommendations by the Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts in Queensland, the Governments should review the arrangements relating to the administration of solicitors’ clients’ monies in New South Wales. The Audit Office considers that such a review should examine particularly the separation of the Law Society’ role as an administrator of funds not invested on clients’ beha


Actions for Immunisation in NSW

Immunisation in NSW

Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

Improving immunisation levels has been a policy priority for NSW and Commonwealth governments since the early 1990s. Along with other States they are pursuing a range of initiatives aimed at reaching immunisation target levels above 95% by the year 2000. At such levels, the occurrence of vaccine preventable diseases is minimised and their spread prevented. There is considerable support for this policy from the public, the medical profession and all leve