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Actions for Relocating Agencies to Regional Areas

Relocating Agencies to Regional Areas

Premier and Cabinet
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration
Workforce and capability

Decisions to relocate government agencies to non-metropolitan areas are not made purely for cost reasons. They can also serve government policy objectives, such as promoting regional economic development. Regardless of the policy objectives that may exist, I would expect that decisions on individual agency relocations would be based on sound business cases. Those business cases would show how the relocation achieves any relevant government objectives, w


Actions for Lease to Fox Studios Australia

Lease to Fox Studios Australia

Premier and Cabinet
Asset valuation
Management and administration
Project management

The audit found that the process for the lease and development of the Showground site commenced on the basis that no Government moneys would be provided and no theme park activities would be allowed. However despite this a State Government subsidy of between $84.8m and $106.8m (in net present value terms) is to be provided for the development and the area of the Showground to be leased to Fox was extended to comprise 24.3 hectares of the 28.8 hectare sit