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Actions for Purchasing Hospital Supplies: Follow-up of 2002 Performance Audit

Purchasing Hospital Supplies: Follow-up of 2002 Performance Audit

Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Management and administration
Service delivery

Periodically we review the extent to which agencies have changed their practices as a result of our audits. This gives Parliament and the public an update on the extent of progress made. In this follow-up audit, we examine changes following our September 2002 report, to assess whether NSW Health has improved its buying of hospital supplies using electronic systems. NSW Health spends over $1.3 billion on hospital supplies. It is the largest expenditure


Actions for Implementing Asset Management Reforms

Implementing Asset Management Reforms

Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management

Hospitals, schools, public housing, roads, bridges, buses and trains are just some of the assets used by government in providing services to citizens. The NSW Government’s asset base is impressive in size - with a value of around $167 billion and with government plans to spend around $8 billion acquiring or replacing assets in the current year. Another $2 billion is spent each year on maintenance. Good asset management is very important to government;