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Actions for Disposal of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Land

Disposal of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Land

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

Our view is that decisions need to be made on a more strategic basis, if the Government’s aspirations for Sydney Harbour’s foreshores are to be met. At present there are high-level ‘aspirations’, but there is no overarching strategy or plan for Sydney Harbour that can guide individual decisions. Decision-making appears to be triggered when a proposal is made to dispose of a particular property. Decisions to dispose of, retain, or change the use of indivi


Actions for Northside Storage Tunnel Project

Northside Storage Tunnel Project

Internal controls and governance
Project management
Service delivery

The Northside Storage Tunnel was the first major public sector construction project using an alliance approach. In our opinion, the outcome of the project suggests that an alliance approach, when applied to a suitable project and managed appropriately, can support positive project outcomes. And in many respects the Alliance worked well. There are, however, a number of issues that we believe need to be addressed for future alliances.   Parliamentary ref


Actions for Protecting Our Rivers

Protecting Our Rivers

Internal controls and governance
Shared services and collaboration

The Audit Office is of the opinion that responsibility for protecting the quality of river water is not clearly delineated. The current arrangements lack the structure to ensure success. There is no lead entity to co-ordinate efforts to protect river water. New South Wales has no overarching water quality or river health strategy and no water quality management plans to ensure clear outcomes and responsibilities for protecting river water quality and int