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Actions for Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services

Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services

Premier and Cabinet
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Workforce and capability

There have been tangible improvements in the time it takes NSW Government agencies to engage consultants through the Government’s Prequalification Scheme. The Scheme was introduced in February 2008 to improve agencies’ procurement of consultants. More than 300 service providers have been prequalified and over $300 million worth of consultancy services have been provided. Ideally agencies should know what assignments each consultant has won, for what serv


Actions for Government Advertising 2018-19

Government Advertising 2018-19

Premier and Cabinet
Service delivery

Under the NSW Government Advertising Act 2011, the Auditor-General is required to undertake a performance audit on government advertising activities annually. The performance audit assesses whether a government agency or agencies has carried out activities in relation to government advertising in an effective, economical and efficient manner and in compliance with the Act, the regulations, other laws and the Government Advertising Guidelines (the Guideli