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Actions for In-year Monitoring of the State Budget

In-year Monitoring of the State Budget

Premier and Cabinet
Financial reporting
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

The annual Budget is one of the most important and visible statements about a government’s financial intentions. Once a Budget is released, it is important to monitor variations from the projections it contains. This is done for two reasons - first, to ensure that individual agencies are properly managing their budget allocations and that any genuine emerging need for additional funding is met. second, to ensure that any changes to the State’s overall


Actions for Fraud Control: Current Progress and Future Directions

Fraud Control: Current Progress and Future Directions

Whole of Government
Management and administration

Periodically we review the extent to which agencies have implemented the recommendations they accept from our earlier audits. This gives Parliament and the public an update on the extent of progress made. Given the size of the NSW public sector, the potential for fraud could run into billions of dollars if not properly managed. It is an area of risk that warrants close and ongoing attention. Over the last decade, we have responded by issuing three perfo