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Actions for Transport 2018

Transport 2018

Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Management and administration
Service delivery
Workforce and capability

The Auditor-General for New South Wales, Margaret Crawford released her report today on key observations and findings from the 30 June 2018 financial statement audits of agencies in the Transport cluster. Unqualified audit opinions were issued for all agencies' financial statements. However, assessing the fair value of the broad range of transport related assets creates challenges. This repor


Actions for Report on Local Government 2017

Report on Local Government 2017

Local Government
Asset valuation
Information technology
Internal controls and governance

Under section 421C of the Local Government Act 1993, I am pleased to present our first report on the statutory financial audits of councils, to NSW Parliament. My appointment as the auditor of local government in New South Wales is the most significant change to the Auditor-General's mandate in nearly three decades. Moving to the new audit arrangements over the past 18 months has been challenging but rewarding. It has confirmed my appreciation of local