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Actions for Sustaining Native Forest Operations

Sustaining Native Forest Operations

Management and administration

We found that Forests NSW has adequate estimates of how much timber is available from native forests, now and into the future. It uses an industry accepted process to develop estimates, but more could be done to improve reliability. For instance, yield estimates for the South coast, Eden and Tumut are well overdue for review. We also found that Forests NSW should have sufficient timber to meet its wood supply commitments which are fixed for periods up t


Actions for Complaints and Review Processes, and Provision of Industry Assistance

Complaints and Review Processes, and Provision of Industry Assistance

Management and administration

In response to the 1999 audit, both Offices focussed on improving the transparency and consistency of decisions. Both introduced client service standards and implemented systems to improve their management of complaints. In addition, the Office of the Protective Commissioner (OPC) introduced six monthly financial statements which are sent to clients or their carers. However, there are three recommendations from the 1999 audit that are not fully implement


Actions for Implementing the Ovine Johne's Disease Program

Implementing the Ovine Johne's Disease Program

Internal controls and governance
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

The implementation of the Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD) program in New South Wales has been prolonged and difficult. In our view, the OJD Program in New South Wales has experienced two major difficulties with its implementation: the lack of a strategic approach to program management, and an ill-defined governance structure. Both the NSW Government and industry need to be better organised and improve the planning, direction and co-ordination of the OJD Prog