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Actions for Dealing with Unlicensed and Unregistered Driving

Dealing with Unlicensed and Unregistered Driving

Information technology
Shared services and collaboration

In our opinion there are inadequacies in the current arrangements for detecting unauthorised driving. For example better information is needed on the extent of unlicensed driving. This may require giving the NSW Police power to conduct random licence and registration checks. In addition, there are technological and legal constraints to the efficient and effective detection of unauthorised driving.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #115 - releas


Actions for Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Premier and Cabinet
Management and administration
Service delivery

Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinators and their staff were supportive of the legislation. However, the agencies examined can do considerably more to fully achieve the intentions of the Act. On the positive side, all three agencies had processes in place to handle requests and had made a number of changes to improve the effectiveness of the FOI process. Fees and charges had also been kept to a minimum. No processing fees were requested in the majority