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Actions for Bus Maintenance and Bus Contracts

Bus Maintenance and Bus Contracts

Management and administration
Service delivery

State Transit has developed fleet management plans and maintenance standards that meet its regulatory and contractual obligations as a bus operator and are consistent with vehicle manufacturers’ standards and best practice. However, assumptions used in fleet management plans to forecast fleet growth may not result in the most efficient and effective outcome for State Transit. Forecasts fail to take account of opportunities to redesign or reduce services


Actions for Planning statewide services

Planning statewide services

Information technology
Management and administration
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

The Audit Office is of the view that: there is no system wide plan for the location of emergency departments. This function is undertaken by each Area Health Service coordination between the Department and the NSW Ambulance Service could be improved in aspects such as the collocation of facilities and direct communications between ambulances and emergency departments there is no policy framework that recognises the increasing role and impact