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Actions for Volume Ten 2013 focusing on Health

Volume Ten 2013 focusing on Health

Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management
Shared services and collaboration

Unqualified opinions were issued for all agencies audited in the following report. Some of the reports findings include: Most cultural bodies rely heavily on government grants to fund services The Sydney Opera House Trust earns most of its revenue from commercial operations Less than half of the 2014-16 service agreements between HealthShare NSW and its customers have been signed. HealthShare NSW and health entities should finalise their 20


Actions for Volume Two 2013 focusing on Universities

Volume Two 2013 focusing on Universities

Financial reporting
Management and administration

Except for the matters noted, the Members we reviewed substantially complied with the requirements of the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal’s Determination (the PRT Determination) for the year ended 30 June 2012. The review identified the following material exceptions: nine Member claims were not submitted for payment within 60 days of receipt or occurrence of the expense  eight Members did not return their unspent Sydney Allowance amounts by 30 Sep