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Actions for Review of Walsh Bay

Review of Walsh Bay

Management and administration
Project management

The decision to seek development of Walsh Bay without a Master Plan and/or detailed study as to the state of the precinct presented significant problems throughout the life of the project. Now, four years later, negotiations still continue on the details of the final scheme. Based on the latest estimates, it will not provide a financial return as was originally expected. The audit found no evidence to indicate why the former Government wished to expedite


Actions for Management of research - NSW Health: Infrastructure Grants Program

Management of research - NSW Health: Infrastructure Grants Program

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Shared services and collaboration

NSW Health has progressed in identifying and addressing key R&D issues in a complex and difficult environment. The Infrastructure Grants Program (IGP) is an innovative program and reflects a commitment by Government to support research infrastructure. The IGP has as its aims the provision of significant funding accompanied by clear research objectives and criteria for accountability and introduces a rational basis for the allocation of infrastructure