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Actions for Disposal of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Land

Disposal of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Land

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

Our view is that decisions need to be made on a more strategic basis, if the Government’s aspirations for Sydney Harbour’s foreshores are to be met. At present there are high-level ‘aspirations’, but there is no overarching strategy or plan for Sydney Harbour that can guide individual decisions. Decision-making appears to be triggered when a proposal is made to dispose of a particular property. Decisions to dispose of, retain, or change the use of indivi


Actions for Delivering Services Online

Delivering Services Online

Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

A staged, systematic and careful approach and extensive business re-engineering effort underpinned the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) steady progress in providing customers with a range of reliable and secure online registration services. The RTA’s consistent and disciplined pursuit of new and challenging e-business opportunities is commendable.   Parliamentary reference - Report number #111 - released 11 June 2003