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Actions for Sale of the TAB

Sale of the TAB

Internal controls and governance

The Audit Office is of the opinion that: the sale was delivered with reasonable efficiency and effectiveness the sale yielded a satisfactory return to the NSW Government. The possibility for a higher return was limited to about 2% to 4% on gross proceeds of $936m. It would have required setting a higher share price for all investors and adopting a more flexible approach to share allocation the Government’s objective to promote community and


Actions for The levying and collection of Land Tax

The levying and collection of Land Tax

Information technology
Management and administration
Service delivery

Land tax has a significantly higher cost to collection ratio than other State taxes. In part this is because of its design. But there are opportunities to reduce collection costs within current policy constraints. The Office of State Revenue (OSR) has been actively pursuing better practice initiatives for some time and a substantial range of improvements has been made. OSR is continuing these efforts. However, inadequate systems and continued difficultie