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Actions for Bus Maintenance and Bus Contracts

Bus Maintenance and Bus Contracts

Management and administration
Service delivery

State Transit has developed fleet management plans and maintenance standards that meet its regulatory and contractual obligations as a bus operator and are consistent with vehicle manufacturers’ standards and best practice. However, assumptions used in fleet management plans to forecast fleet growth may not result in the most efficient and effective outcome for State Transit. Forecasts fail to take account of opportunities to redesign or reduce services


Actions for Educational Testing Centre

Educational Testing Centre

Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

Both the University of New South Wales' Internal Audit and HR reports identified serious deficiencies in the operation and management of the Education Training Centre (ETC). This performance audit verified those findings where appropriate, and they are referred to or incorporated within this report. In addition, we identified other weaknesses that are also presented here. All the findings point to a serious lack of management controls, proper accountabil