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Actions for Waiting Times for Elective Surgery in Public Hospitals

Waiting Times for Elective Surgery in Public Hospitals

Information technology
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery

We recognise that managing waiting times is a difficult and complex task. Waiting times are influenced by many factors, some of which are outside the control of NSW Health. There are, however, steps which NSW Health could, and should, take to ensure that the processes to manage waiting times are efficient and effective. By all measures used by NSW Health, patients are waiting longer for elective treatment today than six or seven years ago. In March 2003


Actions for Managing Teacher Performance

Managing Teacher Performance

Workforce and capability

Some form of teacher performance assessment has been in place in NSW public schools for the past 40 years and the scheme has been significantly enhanced through its inclusion in the 2000 Award. We welcome these changes. However, we are of the opinion that further changes are required to improve its effectiveness. We have two issues of concern. Firstly, that the scheme may not provide for fair and consistent assessments across all schools. Secondly, that