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Actions for Public transport in regional areas

Public transport in regional areas

Management and administration
Shared services and collaboration

People living in many regional areas of New South Wales have few or no public transport options, with many relying on taxis and buses servicing small areas. Residents who want to participate in employment, education, recreation or access health services outside their areas must use private vehicles. This limits the mobility and opportunities of many people who do not have access to private vehicles. As part of its Future Transport 2056 strategy the NSW G


Actions for Domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence

Community Services
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration

The NSW Government included reducing domestic and family violence reoffending as a Premier’s Priority in 2015. The 2016–17 Budget announced $300 million over four years for early intervention programs, crisis responses, and new approaches intended to change perpetrator behaviour. This audit may consider whether agency responses are effectively responding to domestic and family violence and may be undertaken as a series of audits looking at how different