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Actions for Responses to homelessness

Responses to homelessness

Community Services
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery
Shared services and collaboration
Workforce and capability

Efforts to address homelessness in NSW are guided by the NSW Homelessness Strategy 2018-23. This Strategy aims to facilitate collaboration between the Government sector, non-government organisations and the community to reduce the impact of homelessness on individuals and improve outcomes for people and families. The 2018–19 Budget committed $1.0 billion for homelessness services over four years. Under the NSW COVID-19 Stage 2 stimulus in March 2020, the

Open for contribution

Actions for Delivering school infrastructure

Delivering school infrastructure

Asset valuation
Financial reporting
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration
Service delivery

Our 2017 performance audit on planning for school infrastructure identified chronic under-investment in school infrastructure and deficiencies in asset planning. The NSW Department of Education has developed a School Assets Strategic Plan to provide a framework to deliver additional school infrastructure needed to support growing enrolments. According to the NSW Department of Education’s Annual Report for 2019, $6.7 billion is being invested to deliver 1