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Actions for COVID Intensive Learning Support Program

COVID Intensive Learning Support Program

Management and administration
Project management
Service delivery

In November 2020, the Government announced a $337 million program designed to support students whose learning was disrupted by COVID-19 during 2020. Beginning from Term 1, the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program (the program) provides small group tuition in all government schools and select non-government schools. The program offers schools flexibility in how they deliver small group tuition based on the needs of students and school circumstances. 

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Actions for Aboriginal land claims

Aboriginal land claims

Cross-agency collaboration
Internal controls and governance
Management and administration

The Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (the Act) is important legislation that recognises the rights of Aboriginal people in NSW. The legislation recognises that land in NSW was traditionally owned and occupied by Aboriginal people, and is of spiritual, social, cultural and economic importance. Land claims can be made by Local Aboriginal Land Councils and by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council on their behalf. The Office of the Registrar of the Act, in the Dep