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Actions for NSW Trustee and Guardian

NSW Trustee and Guardian

Community Services

NSW Trustee and Guardian is appointed to provide financial management and guardianship advice and services to over 18,000 clients who are unable to manage their own affairs. This involves making ‘substitute decisions’ for clients to manage their health, lifestyle and financial affairs. This audit will consider whether NSW Trustee and Guardian effectively provides financial management and guardianship services in line with legislative principles which req

Open for contribution

Actions for Student attendance

Student attendance


Poor attendance at school is related to poor student outcomes, particularly once patterns of non-attendance have been established. It is important that schools have reliable procedures and systems that record student attendance accurately to enable schools to identify whether any interventions or additional support is required. Poor attendance is a particular issue for Aboriginal students. In Semester 1 2021, there was a gap in attendance rates between


Actions for Land and property: the effectiveness of strategic property portfolio management, and the integrity of processes and outcomes for property acquisitions and disposals

Land and property: the effectiveness of strategic property portfolio management, and the integrity of processes and outcomes for property acquisitions and disposals


The NSW Government owns and manages a significant amount of land, and is acquiring more in support of its infrastructure objectives. The NSW Government also regularly disposes of property assets that are no longer required or suitable for their original purpose. Property transactions undertaken by the NSW Government can involve compulsory acquisitions, expressions of interest in the open property market, and direct negotiations. The outcomes of these pro


Actions for Managing heritage assets

Managing heritage assets

Premier and Cabinet

The NSW Government owns and manages a range of significant heritage assets across a number of government agencies. These assets include historic buildings, gardens, artefacts and Aboriginal places with heritage significance. This audit will consider whether these significant cultural assets and sites are being managed effectively and to the benefit of the community. This audit may examine how well the department oversees heritage asset management and the


Actions for NSW Telco Authority’s Critical Communications Enhancement Program

NSW Telco Authority’s Critical Communications Enhancement Program


This audit will examine how efficiently and effectively the NSW Telco Authority is leading the improvement of emergency and day-to-day operational communications for NSW Government agencies through the CCEP, with particular reference to the five Emergency Service Organisations (NSW Police Force, NSW Ambulance, Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service). It will assess the extent to which the program’s progress and ac


Actions for Virtual health care

Virtual health care


Virtual health care, also known as telehealth, safely connects patients with health professionals to deliver care when and where it is needed. It complements face-to-face care. The COVID-19 Recovery Plan details a range of NSW Government recovery responses including a planned focus for NSW Health that involves a further rollout of digitization and virtual services across the state. Virtual health care services received a major boost during the 2020 COVID


Actions for Ambulance demand management

Ambulance demand management


New South Wales has experienced periods of high demand for ambulance services in metropolitan areas and ambulance services have needed to meet surges in demand. New South Wales has implemented strategies to manage its emergency responses, including the Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy that aims to reshape operations in metropolitan Sydney, transforming the majority of the 43 ambulance stations in the area into a network of NSW Ambula


Actions for Outcome budgeting

Outcome budgeting


Outcome budgeting was announced in the 2017–18 Budget as a reform that aimed to deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW through increased transparency, accountability, and value for money. The reform has been rolled out over several years, with an initial focus on creating a framework, developing performance measures, and piloting the reforms with selected agencies. NSW Treasury is working with agencies to implement the initiative. This audit will


Actions for Jobs for NSW

Jobs for NSW

Premier and Cabinet

Jobs for NSW is a statutory body established pursuant to the Jobs for NSW Act 2015. The intention was to utilise high level private sector business experience to drive the creation of new jobs, attract new businesses and facilitate economic development in NSW, through the provision of strategically targeted incentives from the $190 million Jobs for NSW Fund. A target of 150,000 new jobs in the four years to 2020 was announced by the NSW Government. This


Actions for Managing information security risks in NSW Health

Managing information security risks in NSW Health


NSW Health, primarily through Local Health Districts, manages large volumes of patient information. Clinicians in busy hospital environments require timely access to data and systems to effectively treat patients. Increased accessibility may in turn increase the risk of poor data and system security practices. Recent experience in other jurisdictions has also demonstrated that operational assets that are controlled using technology may be targeted for cy